Why People Get Pool Water Features

March 2, 2018

Pool water features are an incredible addition and really transforms the functionality, value, and excitement of any pool…but why? We have found that there are 3 main reasons why homeowners add grottos, caves and waterfalls to their swimming pool which are the sound, appeal and full spectrum enjoyment they offer. Pool water features offer a whole lot more than one can imagine. We have heard from countless pool owners that the investment into a water feature, even though they have a high ROI and they practically pay for themselves, is worth every penny!

Serene Sound:

Grottos and poolside waterfalls offer a priceless sound that is simply unbeatable. The sound of water trickling off of fall points on your grotto or the sound of water cascading over your waterfall’s boulders is what people travel so far for. Yes, these captivating water features are beautiful to stare at and exciting for everyone, but the peaceful sound is one of the main reasons why pool owners thoroughly enjoy their water features so much.

Island Inspired:

No matter how small or how large your poolside cave, grotto or boulder waterfall may be, they always add a huge aesthetic appeal to not only your pool but to the entire backyard. We design all of our pool water features from the inspiration of oases, resorts and tropical islands. For every pool water feature we have installed, each one has dramatically enhanced the aesthetics of the pool and the landscape. What is more beautiful than a private resort right in your own backyard?

Level 10 Excitement:

Lastly, the water action that the whole family can experience is the third reason why homeowners have implemented a water feature onto their poolside. Regular, ordinary swimming pools lose their excitement quickly and after a few years they just become a money pit with the maintenance they require. Water features make for the perfect place to relax after a long week and kids love the mystery and adrenaline that the waterfalls and custom waterslides give them. And the best part, they never lose their fun!

ClifRock’s pool water features are the perfect way to add a tropical, soothing atmosphere to your landscape while making your backyard a hot entertainment spot for your family and friends. Contact ClifRock today to get started on custom designing your pool water feature or click here to learn more about our unique pool water features!

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