Why Choose Engineered Boulders?

December 19, 2017

Many questions can run through homeowners’ minds when we state that we design and create our boulder water features. Are they durable? Can they withstand the weather? Can I trust them? The answer we have to any question that could possibly be asked is simply that our boulders are far better, stronger and more dependable than natural boulders due to our engineered stone material.

There are countless reasons as to why ClifRock’s engineered boulders are much more suitable for landscapes and swimming pools than natural boulders. It goes without saying that natural boulders come with a painfully intense weight load. Depending on where your boulder water feature is placed, this can severely damage your swimming pool’s structure or cause the water feature to settle into your lawn and damaging the feature. And not to mention, it is also extremely rare to find a hardscape company that is willing to construct a pool water feature with the use of real boulders due to the advanced skill, expenses and difficulty it requires. Most swimming pool structures cannot even tolerate a boulder on its edge. And when choosing a natural boulder landscape water feature, your choice of location is very limited since real boulders cannot typically be placed over septic tanks, decks and patios.

So how does ClifRock’s engineered stone material serve as an alternative to this? Without compromising the integrity and durability of the stone material in any way, our material is lighter weight, cost effective, quicker to install, low maintenance and will withstand extreme weather conditions. The lighter weight material allows the homeowner to place their swimming pool water feature anywhere on their pool’s edge and their landscape water feature anywhere on their property with no fear of causing any future damage. Once the boulders have been crafted, it only takes 1 to 2 men to carry it to your desired location; so if you have an unusually shaped pool or landscape, we are sure to find a way to get in there. No heavy equipment is needed either! This also saves on project completion time and costs. And lastly, we have designed our material to withstand extremely high heat temperatures, freeze-thaw cycles, abrasion and heavy impacts so no matter where you are in North America, you can enjoy your water feature for a lifetime.

With our engineered boulders, homeowners can now place their pool grottos, caves, waterfalls or custom waterslides anywhere on the pool’s edge and place their backyard waterfalls, koi ponds and pondless water features anywhere on their landscape and at any shape and size. To learn more about ClifRock’s revolutionized water feature construction system and our diverse types of water features click here and start designing your backyard paradise!

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