Underground or Above ground Swimming Pools

February 2, 2018

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You have decided that a swimming pool for the family would make a great addition to your backyard but now it is time to decide if you want an underground (also known as an inground pool) or an above ground swimming pool. Here at ClifRock, our favorite type is an inground pool. Why? They offer a smoother appeal to your landscape, they increase the value of the home much more than aboveground pools, they are more functional and unique pool water features can easily be added for a tropical look and more exciting water action. Swimming pools are far from cheap so it is important to go through all factors before making the final decision. With summer right around the corner, let us help you make the choice in one simple blog reading!

Aesthetic Appeal

Although above ground pools are more affordable than inground pools, their placement in any backyard is always harsh on the eye. The entire structure of the pool is exposed and the visual is never flattering. Also, a large deck always needs to accompany an above ground pool in order for you to have access to it and at this point… your backyard has almost no lawn anymore between the space that the pool and the deck consume.

With inground pools, you can take full advantage of your landscape. Depending on your backyard and the possibility of needing excavating services and retaining wall installations, you can implement your inground pool almost anywhere. And, no large, obnoxious deck is needed to surround your pool. Paver patios are the most popular choice to border an inground pool and they look beautiful in any landscape.

Now envision both types of pools…which do you think is more pleasing to see when you look out your back window? See what we mean!


If you still have your heart set on an above ground pool, we hope you’ll be happy with your choice of either a circle or an oval. Above ground pools come in kits and have a very standard shape. And, your choices of a circle or an oval doesn’t do the rest of your landscape much justice; both shapes are…just drab.

On the other hand, when you choose an inground pool, you can get super funky with the shape and make it as unique as your installer can make it! Yes, this is a more expensive option but it just might pay entirely for itself when you go to sell your home.


Don’t plan on diving into your new above ground pool. These above ground pools are typically not very large and they have one standard depth all around the pool. Underground pools can be leveled off and have a slope that descends down to your desired, but reasonable, depth. So, when you want to play Marco Polo, the game is going to be a whole lot more fun in an inground pool!

Pool Water Feature Additions

ClifRock offers many ways to crank up the excitement and aesthetic appeal of swimming pools. We offer pool grottos, tree log water slides, custom designed waterfalls and pool caves. If you have finally been persuaded to select an inground pool…you are going to feel like a little kid on Christmas again when you see the water features that can be added to your pool! Adding a water feature to your pool serves many purposes, such as:

  1. Majorly increases the appeal of your pool and your entire landscape.
  2. Increases the value of your home.
  3. Revs up the water action of the swimming pool, guaranteeing your pool will never lose its excitement.
  4. Adds a tropical atmosphere to your backyard.

Everyone has different tastes and entertainment needs so we made it possible for our pool water features to be customized to your exact liking. There are many ways you can custom design your ClifRock pool water feature.

You can select your pool water feature’s…

  1. Boulder shape and size
  2. Location
  3. Color and texture
  4. Add on items, such as: benches, love seats and built in water slides
  5. Fall points
  6. And more!

All in all, inground pools will add more value to your home, offer more excitement and will deliver a much more pleasing appeal to your backyard. If you have decided to take the plunge into an inground pool and want to learn more about the ways you can dazzle it up with custom waterslides, waterfalls and grottos, click here. This summer is going to be a big splash…oopse, we mean blast!

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