Top Water Slides Around the World

March 30, 2018

There are millions of water slides all around the world but there are only a few that really take the spotlight and some of those are right here in North America. BuzzFeed has gathered some of the most thrilling and jaw dropping slides that currently stand today across the county.




#1 The Wildebeest in Wildebeest, Indiana:

If you are looking for a water slide that will truly take you for a long ride, The Wildebeest is the perfect water slide. This water slide takes a full two and a half minutes to complete.






#2 King Cobra at Six Flags in New Jersey:

For those who enjoy the adrenalin of competition, the King Cobra offers a crazy water slide race with a massive 25-foot plunge at the end.





#3 Big Thunder in West Palm Beach, Florida:

The Big Thunder may look like just a big blue and yellow bowl but once you take a ride on this water slide you’ll thoroughly feel the excitement at the 45-degree drop that quickly launches your tube into a funnel at an intense 20 mph speed.





#4 B747-100 Aircraft in Evergreen Wings & Waves Waterpark in Oregon:

Don’t let this slide fool you! It may be referred to as an aircraft and it may look exactly like an aircraft but it is actually a water slide! Take on the journey of a water slide tour through an aircraft.





#5 Blizzard Beach (Disney) Summit Plummet, Florida:

This water slide is not everyone, only those who seek a true adrenaline rush! This 120 ft slope is one of the most terrifying but thrilling water slides in the world.

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