The Secret Benefits Behind Swimming Pools

January 5, 2018

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Millions of homes around North America have swimming pools in their backyards but very few know the water action potential of their pool and the incredible health benefits they have to offer. Swimming pools today are simply something you get to entertain the kids with the bonus benefit of increasing the value of the home. But after a short time, swimming pools lose their spunk and become more of an expensive burden than a joyful backyard activity. Let’s unveil the secret potential behind swimming pools and highlight their benefits.

First off, lets toss away that gym pass (music to you ears, huh?). It is true that gyms are not meant for everyone and often, they can do more harm than good over a long period of time. Even just walking on a flat treadmill does a number on your back from leaning too far forward and on your knees from bodily impact. Here is the first hidden health benefit of swimming pools – exercising in a swimming pool dramatically decreases any joint related impacts and having to work against the water resistance serves a far better exercise session than compared to being at a gym for 45 minutes. Swimming pools are not just for kids, they are you full body workout gym. The Better Health Channel states that exercising in a swimming pool…

The second bonus swimming pools have to offer that many Americans don’t think about is their ability to improve your mental health. The Better Health Channel explains that, pools are a relaxing and peaceful form of exercising and they can alleviate stress which, in turn, can enhance our mood, focus and concentration for the rest of the day. Exercising in your swimming pool not only takes immense pressure off your joints and improves your physical health but they also boost your mood. And to top it off, most swimming pools are outdoors which allows for you to soak up the vitamin D from the sun as you are getting in your daily workout unlike the gym (click here to read our blog on the benefits of Vitamin D and being outdoors in your outdoor living space). So don’t just lounge around the pool and watch the kids swim, be in your pool and turn it into a fun workout and take advantage of these mental and physical health benefits.

And to save the best for last, the third hidden benefit your pool has to offer is that it can be quickly turned into a waterpark full of unique grottos with custom waterslides, waterfalls, diving rocks, secrete benches and more. As stated above, many people have no idea of the potential their pool has to offer and that is because most people assume that these large pool grottos, caves and waterfalls are for tropical resorts but this is not true with ClifRock. We have designed an engineered stone material that can create custom designed pool water features at any shape and size right on-site. Building these water features on-site also lets us fit into oddly shaped and tight spaces so almost any pool in North America can have poolside water feature. We also designed our material to be lighter weight, without comprising its strength and durability, so that the boulder water features won’t cause any harm to your pool’s structure. And, our installation system allows for the most cost-effective way to turn your pool into an exciting, tropical getaway. Adding a pool water feature revamps the excitement of your pool, only this time the excitement will never fade. To learn more about all of ClifRock’s pool water features, click here!

Embrace your pool. Your pool is a waterpark, a free full-body workout gym that protects your joints, a mental health booster and, most importantly, the place where you and your close ones can experience all of these benefits at once while creating cherished moments. No need to look at your pool anymore and say, “Why did we get this?”.

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