The 6 Easy Steps to Designing Your Outdoor kitchen

February 16, 2018

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We are all different when it comes to our backyard BBQ’s and grilling styles which is why we don’t limit any of our clients to only 2 or 3 standard, generic outdoor kitchen style options like traditional methods. The beauty of ClifRock and our concept lets our clients select their outdoor kitchen shape, color, stone profile, location and built-in appliances. We understand all of our customization options can be a bit overwhelming but we are here to break it down into 6 easy steps and make your entire time with us smooth and stress-free.


Step #1: Select Your Location

One of the many great features behind our outdoor kitchens and all the other backyard features we offer is that we don’t require any heavy-duty footing expanding your options of where you can place your new exciting entertainment area. Your outdoor kitchen can be placed on any hard surface such as a deck or a patio. Why else is this great for you? Because not requiring any footing drastically cuts down the time it takes to assemble your outdoor kitchen so you can be firing up the grill  in no time.

Step #2: Select your layout

The second step is to select the layout of your outdoor kitchen. The outdoor kitchen layouts we offer include:

  • Galley: The design layout of a galley kitchen typically consists of a BBQ island and a refreshment center running parallel to each other with a walkway in between. This is a great style outdoor kitchen if there is going to only be one cook working with the grill.
  • Straight: Straight outdoor grill stations or BBQ islands are perfect for small spaces and can be built on the perimeter of your patio or along an existing exterior wall.
  • L-Shaped: Our L-shape outdoor kitchen and bar islands work well in medium size spaces and can be placed on the perimeter of your patio.
  • U-Shaped: The U-shape is our particular favorite because it offers the beautiful convenience of having the ability to add multiple built-in appliances, utilities, and components all in one place. And, all of you guests will always have a place to comfortably sit and eat without feeling squished.

It is important to select a layout that will hold enough space for your average number of guests and also offers enough room for the desired kitchen appliances you would like built-in. We typically recommend the L-shaped or U-shaped layout because they offer enough room for multiple appliances to be built-in and they provide enough space for walking room and for guests to be comfortable during the entire cookout.

Step #3: Select Your Stone Profile

Adding an outdoor living space, landscape water features or even an outdoor fireplace all increase the value of your home. But, to really make the value go that extra stretch, it is important to make your outdoor living area or backyard feature match the rest of your landscape and home. We offer the following stone profiles:

Step #4: Choose Your Color

Part of making your new outdoor living space really pop and enhance the value of your home is by making the color also flow with the rest of your backyard. From our grayscale to our brownscale and base tan color pallets, you are sure to make your outdoor kitchen flow with the rest of your home and landscapes seamlessly.

Step #5: Select Your Built-in Kitchen Appliances

We are determined to always give each and every one of our clients nothing short of exceptional which is why we have partnered only with the best. Our outdoor kitchen appliance partner Coyote Outdoor Living provides a variety of 304-grade stainless steel appliances. All of their appliances and grills are built to withstand any climate so no matter where you are in North America, you can always fully depend on your Coyote Outdoor Living appliances. Here are some of the appliances that Coyote Outdoor Living offers:

Step #6: Locate Your Nearest ClifRock Installer

Now that you have your dream outdoor kitchen designed, it is time to take action and bring it to life. All of our authorized ClifRock installers have been factory vetted and extensively trained to deliver professional, top-quality work. From start to finish you can be at ease and stress-free. Click here to get in touch with your local ClifRock installer and have your custom outdoor kitchen ready for you in as little as a week or less!

Still need a little more inspiration to jump start those creative wheels? Click here to visit our outdoor living space gallery to see a variety of designs and layouts other homeowners have chosen. Let’s transform your backyard together and make your home the hot-spot for all of your friends and family.

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