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Add the Excitement and Scenic Beauty to Your Pool by Adding a Custom Swimming Pool Waterfall

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Swimming Pool Waterfalls for Any Pool

Swimming pool waterfalls can take any dull pool and turn it into a backyard waterpark. Our lighter weight, high strength material makes it possible for anyone to have a swimming pool waterfalls because it does not add unnecessary stress to the structure of the pool. Traditional materials such as real boulders can compromise your pool structure and require substantial excavating and footing work. With our engineered boulder system technology, we can work over your existing pool deck. ClifRock can add custom boulder features to your poolside such as: a unique waterslide, a cascading waterfall and even a resort style grotto! Customize your pool with a diving rock, waterslide, grotto or waterfall. Our swimming pool waterfalls are a great way to add beauty and a wow-factor to the whole backyard. Swimming pool waterfalls, such as grottos, make for the perfect spot to cool off from the hot sun. You can even add a water wall for some extra privacy. No need to worry about your water feature during the winter months. Our material is resistant to the most extreme environmental stresses such as: high heat and freezing temperatures, weathering, and abrasion, and is even freeze-thaw stable. And, to make things even better for you, we can install your swimming pool waterfall in as little as week or two so your family and friends can be outside having a blast in no time! When adding water features to your swimming pool, ClifRock is the team to call because we make it quick, durable, and beyond incredible. More homeowners trust ClifRock to design and construct their swimming pool water features than any other company in North America. Click here for a ClifRock installer expert that can bring your swimming pool to a whole new level.

Our material is a lighter weight, high strength material that drastically reduces stress to the structure of your pool.

Engineered for long-term durability and resistance to harshest environmental stress. Your swimming pool water feature will be built to last.

You can completely customize how you want your swimming pool water feature look from the shape, size, color and design layout.


  • Grottos
  • Waterslides
  • Pool waterfalls


  • Adds value to the home
  • Increases backyard entertainment
  • Creates a spot to cool off

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