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December 28, 2017

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Wouldn’t it be nice to add boulder pool water features to your company’s services list? Right away you are probably thinking, constructing pool water features is nearly impossible with real boulders and it requires expensive heavy-duty equipment, a large team of men, the pool must be in an easily accessible location (which almost none are) and all team members need to have an extensive amount of skill to even consider crafting a pool water feature. Along with the difficulties of constructing the feature, there is also a severe risk of ongoing damage to the pool’s structure from the immense weight load boulders carry and if one boulder slightly shifts then the entire feature can be damaged; this can break long-term relationships and trust that you worked hard to develop with your clients. There are very, very few companies in North America that offer pool water features services due to these complications. But, ClifRock has an alternative to each of these obstacles for business owners of landscaping and hardscaping companies and we have made it possible for almost any field-related business to add pool water features to their services list.

ClifRock’s 3-step installation method and engineered stone material is what has made it possible for installers to efficiently create resort-style water features onto almost any pool in America with no heavy equipment and in a timely manner. We have designed an engineered stone material that we pass only to authorized ClifRock installers. The material is significantly lighter but just as durable, natural looking and strong as real boulders making it much more tolerable for swimming pools. And since our on-site installation doesn’t require heavy equipment, our installers can fit into tight and oddly shaped spaces. We also set our material into precast panels which means homeowners can personally customize and design the exact shape, style and color of their pool water feature. Authorized ClifRock installers can offer so much more to their local homeowners than compared to those who only use traditional methods and materials.  From pool grottos to caves, waterfalls, diving rocks and custom water slides, your homeowner can get exactly what he or she wants and you, as a business owner, can create it without the brutal headache that real boulders would cause.

Many companies have taken the first plunge into transforming their business by becoming authorized ClifRock installers and we have seen many conquer and soar above their local market. We offer webinars and a training program that properly and thoroughly prepares small businesses to construct boulder water features along with outdoor kitchens and fire features. Our training program has propelled hundreds of businesses and we are proud to say that we are the largest residential water feature builder network and the fastest growing outdoor kitchen network in North America. To find out when our next webinar is or to learn more about how you can become the first certified ClifRock installer in your area, contact us at (603) 792-3466 or click here and a ClifRock professional will be happy to assist you with any questions.

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