Pool Grottos or Secret Getaways?

December 28, 2017

Many people haven’t heard of a pool grotto before but as soon as they are discovered by a pool owner, they prove again and again to be a top favorite water feature. A pool grotto can beautifully be described as a waterfall with a cavern that you, friends and family can swim inside to watch the cascading fall from behind. Most people presume that these tropical water features are only for resorts and waterparks due to their costs and use of boulders but this is not true with ClifRock.

Traditional methods and materials do require a hefty price point and the boulders can easily damage a regular swimming pool. Resorts and waterparks have the budget and heavy-duty constructed swimming pools that make it simple for these types of places to add a pool grotto. But, we don’t use traditional methods and materials to construct our grottos and caves; we use a boulder panel system along with our proprietary engineered stone material. This allows for homeowners to add a cost effective, lighter weight pool grotto and cave to their poolside. So, pool grottos are certainly not only for fancy resorts and waterparks…with ClifRock, they are for any pool owner in North America.

There are many ways to make a pool grotto unique. Our boulder panel system allows us to custom design the shape and size of any pool water feature. Features such as modular stairs, love seats and benches can be implemented into a pool grotto with our engineered boulders. One of our more popular add on feature for pool grottos are waterslides. A custom waterslide can also be included onto the side of a pool grotto for more exhilarating water action. And, we sculpt our waterslides right into the grotto with our engineered stone material for a natural look and never use hard plastic or fiberglass, which deliver a much harsher appeal.


From the countless grottos and poolside caves we have installed, we always hear back from homeowners that there is absolutely nothing like sipping a pinna colada behind a waterfall right in their own backyard. To learn more about how you can have a resort-style pool grotto added to your swimming pool, click here. Let’s add a little slice of paradise to your backyard!

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