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Relax behind the serenity of falling water in your private pool grotto

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Grottos and caves create a tranquil, hidden getaway right off of your swimming pool

Transform your pool into an enchanted resort by adding a grotto water feature or mysterious cave. A grotto is a waterfall with a cavern that peacefully sits on the edge of a pool allowing you to swim inside the chamber and watch the falls from behind. Pool grottos offer a unique seating place and a spot to cool off from the hot sun. You can also add some entertaining water action to your pool grotto by placing a waterslide off of the side. With ClifRock, you can design your grotto to best fit your desires and your entertainment needs. ClifRock has redesigned and drastically improved the way pool grottos and caves are constructed. Traditional methods and materials make it extremely difficult for pool owners to add on water features. Building a grotto or a cave onto an existing pool structure can be nearly impossible for most pools when using natural boulders. The weight of natural boulders can severely damage the structure of the pool overtime with the intense pressure the boulders displace onto the pool’s edge. Natural boulders can also be very expensive and difficult to source and transport. Additionally, it requires a very high skill level to properly build a grotto with natural boulders. Heavy equipment that severely disrupts the property, and cannot fit into small backyards, is another expensive added necessity to traditional methods. But, we have now resolved all of these dilemmas and created a solution to these obstacles with our propriety boulder panel system. ClifRock’s boulder panel system now makes it possible for any and all pool owners to have their own serene pool grotto or cave. We have engineered a fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material that is lighter weight and resistant to the harsh external elements end environmental impacts. No matter what type of climate you live in, we guarantee your pool grotto will never conflict with the environment. Our material is freeze-thaw stable and resistant to high heat, freezing temperatures, abrasion, and heavy impacts. And, the lighter weight material makes it possible for almost any poolside to withstand a grotto and also prevents the engineered boulders from future shifting or settling into the ground. Aside from the outstanding quality and durability of our pool grottos, our boulder panel system delivers a completely natural boulder look and feel. Our boulder panels are exact impressions taken from real stone, ledges and cliffs across North America. We can construct our boulders in any size, shape and color. And, we can customize the layout of your cave or pool grotto. Our boulder panel system also makes it simple to add in a bench or a loveseat for the full private resort experience. Most pool grottos can be completed within a couple of weeks or less! We don’t use any heavy equipment either so we can maneuver through small backyards and leave your backyard with little to no disruption. ClifRock’s method and engineered material makes adding a grotto or cave to your pool much faster and more affordable than traditional methods. Contact ClifRock today to begin designing your own private grotto or your unique and exciting cave!

Our engineered material is lighter weight, preventing your boulders from damaging your pool’s structure.

Turn your pool grotto into an exciting entertainment piece by adding on a waterslide or a bench.

We can complete your pool water feature from start to finish in less than a couple of weeks with our 3-step installation system.


  • Resistant to harsh environmental conditions
  • Engineered to handle high tensile & flexural loads
  • Lighter weight (no shifting or displacing)
  • Exact look and texture as real stone


  • Waterslide
  • Modular staircase
  • Love seat
  • Bench

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