Ponds Are the Must Have Landscape Water Feature

March 22, 2018

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All landscape water features are beautiful and add a soothing atmosphere to any backyard even if it’s right in the middle of the city. Water features have a lot to offer to not only the homeowner or the gardener but also to the natural wildlife around it. They dramatically increase the appeal of the entire landscape with their tropical look, the sound of trickling water from backyard waterfalls relaxes any mind, and like any backyard feature, they increase the value of the home. And as for the wildlife bonus, all water features naturally attract birds, butterflies, dragonflies and other little elegant wildlife creates. All water features are a major attraction and make for the perfect focal piece, like a center piece on a dining room table.

There are many landscape water features to choose from such as, waterfalls, fountains, masonry water walls, pondless waterfalls, and more but there is one specific water feature that stands out from the rest; ponds. Ponds make for an incredible addition to any backyard for many reasons. First, it is simple to add a waterfall, big or small, to the edge of the pond for that priceless trickling water sound that naturally acts as a relaxation trigger to the mind. Creating a pond for your waterfall to splash into is a must have. If you are going to add a backyard waterfall then might as well reap the benefits of that waterfall sound by adding a pond.

There are many unique and creative ways you can brighten up your pond from surrounding landscape installation work to adding fish and aquatic plants. FIX.com explains the top 3 plant groups that are great to add to your landscape pond water feature:

The second way to dress up your pond is by adding fish to it. Fish serve as a dual purpose because they add a wildlife theme to your pond and they also have been proven to help eliminate mosquitos that may hover around in your backyardPond water features are truly a piece of living art.

Start appreciating the view of your backyard and enjoy the sound of pure ambiance with this one water feature addition to your backyard. To see how you can have a waterfall flowing into a wildlife filled pond, get in touch with your local ClifRock Installer here! Our panel masonry technology allows us to build custom designed waterfalls and pond water features that will make for the perfect final touch to your garden and tie your whole backyard together.

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