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We make outdoor kitchen countertop designs easy

Selecting an outdoor kitchen countertop that stands up to the environmental conditions can be very difficult, but ClifRock makes it easy. Our outdoor kitchen countertop solutions are made to withstand the toughest external aggressions. Our proprietary countertops are resistant to: below freezing temperatures, extreme heat, scratching, chipping and abrasion. With a ClifRock outdoor kitchen countertop, you will never have to worry about the hassle of repairing or replacing it! ClifRock’s outdoor kitchen countertops are better suited for an outdoor environment than any granite, stone, tile, or traditional concrete option. Traditional materials, like granite tend to absorb heat easily, which as a result, damages the seal on the granite. This damage can oftentimes be irreparable causing you to have to replace the countertop down the road. Many stone countertops are very porous and stain easily. This intensive staining can affect the original beauty of your BBQ island. Tile is an affordable option but if you live in a cold, seasonal climate you will be hard-pressed to find a tile that is freeze proof and grout that can withstand harsh winters. Lastly, traditional concrete countertops offer a contemporary look but are better suited for your indoor kitchen as absorption in the concrete and freeze-thaw cycles will eventually breakdown the material. This can be an expensive burden overtime. All of these traditional methods are possible options but none are specifically made for your backyard. ClifRock’s outdoor kitchen countertops are the smart alternative for your outdoor kitchen island top. With ClifRock's fiber reinforced, polymeric concrete countertop system, we can fabricate any countertop design to perfectly fit your kitchen island. We also offer a wide range of colors and unique designs to choose from so we can match your countertop to your outdoor kitchen BBQ island and overall outdoor living space seamlessly. Since we can precast our countertops in a controlled environment or right on-site, we can have your custom countertops installed onto your outdoor kitchen island in just a few days or less. Contact ClifRock today for a free quote on your signature, custom made ClifRock countertop!

Our countertops can be made in as little as a couple of days and precast to the specific dimensions of your outdoor kitchen island and appliances.

Our countertops are resistant to the harshest environmental elements and dissipate heat very well, making it useable on the hottest day.

You can select your choice of color or combination of colors for your outdoor countertop that will best match your backyard living space.


  • Custom countertop shapes
  • High-end look without high cost of marble
  • Signature design


  • Long term durability
  • Engineered for the outdoors
  • Made from high performance fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete
  • Dissipates heat

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