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Add a Focal Piece to your Backyard Today

Outdoor fire features are becoming more and more popular for many reasons. These beautiful focal pieces make for the perfect gathering and conversation spot during any season. They also provide an excellent heat source during those cooler nights making it the ideal hangout spot. But the process of selecting materials and finding a contractor who specializes in outdoor fire features can be challenging. ClifRock’s fire features are high heat tolerant, built to handle the harsh outdoor elements, are made of a zero flame spread material, and can be fully customized from the color to the design and stone profile. Contact ClifRock today to design your unique custom fire pit or to hear about the industry-first Blazing Beats fire pit that we also offer.

The Multitude of Benefits with Gas Burners

Gas burners can come in natural gas (NG) or propane (LP). There are multiple benefits to having an outdoor fire feature with a gas burner. Gas burners provide a nice, clean burn and they can create a fire and turn off a fire instantly. Although gas burners can require a little more maintenance, they are a great choice and typically safer than wood burning systems. Speak with your ClifRock installer today to learn more about gas burners!

Create a Natural Fire Feel with Wood Burning Systems

There are many benefits to wood burning systems. Wood burning systems are less expensive to operate, ignite a more natural fire feel, and provide that priceless flame crackling sounds. Wood burning fire pits typically have a pan or are lined with a refractory brick. Wood burning outdoor fireplaces use a refractory wood burning box and require a smoke chamber with proper height flue for proper draft. Contact your local authorized ClifRock installer expert to help you determine what fuel type is best for you and your fire feature.

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