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Bring Tranquility to Your Backyard with Clifrock Water Features

Most people think of patios, decks or grills for their outdoor living space but a custom water feature can enhance the ambiance and entertainment value of your landscape more than anything. From koi ponds to bubbling rocks, streams and backyard waterfalls, choosing ClifRock will be the fastest and most cost-effective way to complete your landscape water feature! The challenge with using natural boulders and stones is sourcing, transportation, weight load and the high cost to build. ClifRock solved these challenges with the development of our engineered stone panel system that allows our installers to recreate the exact look and feel, without the heavy materials and limitations of the real thing. All of our boulder panels are pulled directly from impressions of real stone, granite cliffs, and ledges, so your water feature is guaranteed to be a mirror image of its natural counterpart. The endless range of outdoor water feature possibilities ClifRock has to offer is perfect for any backyard or resort. Add a landscape water feature or a backyard waterfall; whatever your desired water feature may be, we can ensure you that ClifRock will exceed your expectations. Our boulder panel system allows you to completely customize and design your backyard water feature to exactly how you want it in any shape, size, spillways, configuration, colors, and texture you would like. While you design your dream outdoor water feature, you will have an authorized ClifRock installer at your side making your vision come to life in just a few days. Contact ClifRock today for design ideas and for a free estimate on your landscape water feature.

Our engineered boulder panels reduce overall material weight preventing settling and the need for heavy equipment.

Well designed water features can bring tranquility and vitality to your backyard. ClifRock takes away the complications of building your backyard oasis.

We can create any sized water feature, without having to rip up your backyard for months on end.


  • Lighter weight
  • No heavy equipment
  • Efficient installation
  • Unlimited design options


  • Adds tranquility and vitality
  • Enhances your landscape
  • Creates a soothing spot to relax next to
  • Makes for a scenic conversation space

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