How to Turn Your Pool into a Waterpark Oasis

November 9, 2017

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It is a fact… swimming pools are fun and exciting for maybe the first year or two but then they get boring. Sure, you can add an outrageously expensive, natural boulder water feature to your poolside if you can find a hardscape company with the proper skill and craftsman ship for the job along with waiting months for the project to be completed and significantly risk immense damage to your pool’s structure but none of that is worth the cost or a good idea. So, what is ClifRock’s solution to turning your pool into an exhilarating waterpark for kids while also serving as a private oasis for adults? The answer…ClifRock’s engineered stone material and boulder panel system.


Our boulder panel system allows almost any pool owner to have a poolside water feature. We have developed an incredible engineered stone that is lighter weight and have paired it with our signature boulder panel system that allows us to handcraft boulders on-site so that almost any pool can have a water feature. Our lighter weight material also prevents the boulders from displacing a heavy weight load onto the pool’s structure so that you can be worry-free about potential future damage. And to top it all off, our boulder panel system allows our clients to custom design their pool water feature so that it is perfectly suited for all of their entertainment needs while also seamlessly matching the rest of their outdoor living space area and landscape.

With our system, we can fit into small, oddly shaped spaces that traditional methods could never even imagine fitting into with the heavy machinery they require. Our boulder panel system does not require any heavy equipment and can all be designed and installed with just your authorized ClifRock installer’s team. This also eliminates the headache of having to deal with post property damage from large trucks and equipment.

Want to revitalize your swimming pool this summer and bring it back to life? You can locate your nearest authorized ClifRock installer here. Your swimming pool will be the most enchanting and exciting hot spot of your home again and forever!

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