How Strong Is Our Engineered Stone Material?

November 9, 2017

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Whether you have 115 degree summers, subzero winters or live on the coast, ClifRock’s engineered stone material can take it on! Our fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material has been designed, tested and proven to be resistant to the harshest external elements and impacts that would easily damage your traditional, natural stone material. Because of our technology, we have become one of the most dependable and trusted outdoor living space companies in North America.


Our panel mixture was created in partnership with one of the world’s leading concrete chemist. As a result, our engineered stone is incomparable to any other traditional material. See below for the top 5 reasons:

  1. Lighter Weight
    Our engineered stone material is 80% the weight of conventional concrete. This also prevents your outdoor kitchen, fire feature or even your boulder water feature from shifting.
  2. High Strength Performance
    Compared to the standard wet cast concrete, our engineered stone is 4 times stronger.
  3. Fiber-Reinforced
    We have incorporated several fibers that give our stone a ductility and flexural strength 6 times higher than traditional concretes.
  4. Weather Resistant
    Never stress with ClifRock! Our stone is resistant to any and all external aggressions such as heavy impacts, freeze and thaw cycles, extreme heat, weathering and scratching.
  5. Longevity
    You can now enjoy your outdoor living space to for countless years to come with little to no maintenance because compared to conventional concrete, our engineered stone lasts 2 to 3 times longer.

Now that you know the statistical facts behind our engineered stone material… let us prove it to you. Watch our video below to see just how strong we really:

No matter where you are located in North America, your outdoor living space will hold up against any external aggressions and in any environment. ClifRock is better and stronger than any traditional method and material. Click here to contact us today and learn more about how you can get an outdoor kitchen, water feature or fire feature with our engineered stone panel technology.

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