ClifRock’s Engineered Boulders

Create any shape or sized boulder with ClifRock’s boulder panel system

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Design Boulder and Rock Environments the Simple Way

We don’t let any obstacles prevent our customers from having the features they want for their landscape. With our boulder panel system, factory authorized ClifRock installers can craft even the most massive boulders or simple rock environments without the need for heavy machinery. Our boulder panels are precast and can be installed in any backyard or commercial environment.

ClifRock’s boulder panel system decreases the time and cost it takes to create residential and commercial rock environments, such as: backyard waterfalls, pool grottos, and other large scale landscape water features. No heavy equipment is needed with our system making it more affordable and also causing less disruption to the property. We don’t need any machinery because the boulders are formed with our lighter weight, fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material. This lighter weight material also only calls for 1 to 2 men to lift and move the boulder panels. And because of our lighter weight material, swimming pool waterfalls can be constructed on the edge of almost any pool without adding stress to the pool’s structure.


Boulder and Rock Features for any Backyard

Natural boulders require a heavy-duty footing, which can cause significant disruption to the property. With ClifRock, no special footings are required for any of our backyard features. Eliminating the need for a footer also expands our customers options on where they can place features in their outdoor living space.

Our engineered boulder panel material is made to be just as strong and resistant to the external elements as real boulders. Our boulders are freeze-thaw stable and resistant to extreme heat, UV rays, pool chemicals and salt. The material will not breakdown under environmental stress and can withstand high weight loads and heavy impacts. No matter what region of the country you live in, you can trust that your boulder and rock environment features will stand up to the environments.

The boulder features constructed from the ClifRock boulder panel system look and feel exactly like real boulders. The panels are molded from direct imprints from real granite ledges and rock cliffs across the country. Our precast boulder panels literally mirror the look and feel of their natural counterparts without the weight, cost and instability of real boulders. Speak with one of our ClifRock experts today to learn more about the features we can add to your outdoor living space or learn how can become an authorized ClifRock installer and completely transform your business.

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