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Make your pool water slide unique

We don’t just place any slide on the edge of your pool, we craft the most unique slides to fit your design vision with our engineered fiber-reinforced, polymeric, concrete material. ClifRock can build your pool water slide on almost any type of pool and on your existing pool deck. We can also incorporate your pool water slide into any pool water feature like a waterfall or a grotto. Or, get creative with ClifRock and turn your pool water slide into something more unique, like our signature tree log slide. Pool water slides add a significant amount of entertainment value to any pool and create a resort waterpark experience in your backyard. We have the capability to build any custom and decorative type of pool water slide to meet your entertainment needs. Enjoy the fun of a pool water slide while creating special experiences and bonding moments with family and friends. ClifRock wants to deepen those experiences, so we take our pool water slides to the next level and can make them as dramatic and exciting as you want. Enhance your swimming pool today with a custom pool water slide. Explore what you unique designs we can do with your pool water slide project by contacting ClifRock here!

ClifRock custom builds pool water slides based on design and the features it is being built into. No two pool water features will ever be the same.

We use our engineered, fiber-reinforced concrete material to create our pool water slides for the most durable hold and most natural look.

Pool water slides are one of the best ways to increase the entertainment value of your outdoor living pool space.


  • Custom designs
  • Signature tree log
  • Built into a grotto or rock feature
  • On the side of a waterfall


  • Standard design
  • Aesthetically unappealing
  • Damages easily
  • Little entertainment value

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