ClifRock’s Engineered Stone Panel System Leads the way

October 13, 2017

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  • ClifRock’s Engineered Stone Panel System Leads the way

ClifRock’s engineered stone and panel system are the reasons why we are the fastest growing outdoor kitchen network and the largest residential water feature builder network in North America. We have revolutionized the way outdoor kitchens, water features and even backyard fire features are built. Read below and discover the top 6 highlights of ClifRock’s panel system and engineered stone.

#1 Resistant to the harshest weather conditions:

No matter what part of North America you live in, your outdoor kitchen, fire feature or backyard water feature will undoubtedly stand strong for an endless amount of years. Our engineered stone is resistant to freeze-thaw cycles, extremely high temperatures, abrasion, heavy impacts, rot, and freezing temperatures. Enjoy your outdoor living space with family and friends for many years to come.

#2 Minimal to no post property damage:

Traditional methods and materials require the use of heavy equipment and machinery but ClifRock does not require any of that. Our panels can be hand carried around your property by 2-3 men. No large, destructive equipment will be interrupting your day or your landscape!

 #3 Choose the location where you want your backyard feature or outdoor living space:

With ClifRock, you can place your feature on any hard surface. Our technology and engineered stone does not require any heavy-duty footing which not only reduces project time and expenses, but also expands your options of where you can place your outdoor kitchen or fire feature.

#4 No future maintenance:

Touch-ups and annual maintenance is a huge burden. We all simply want to just enjoy the excitement, beauty and thrill of our outdoor living spaces! With ClifRock you can be worry-free, unlike traditional methods. ClifRock’s engineered stone is chip and abrasion resistant so you will never need any future touchups or repairs. And, our engineered stone is lighter weight so your BBQ islandoutdoor fireplace or even your boulder water feature will never shift or sink into the ground.


#5 Fast construction time:

With our panel system technology and 3-step installation process, most projects can be completed in a week or less! Traditional methods and materials can take up to months depending on the project.

#6 Completely customizable:

Don’t be stuck with the severely limited options traditional methods have to offer! ClifRock’s panel system allows our customers to fully customize their outdoor living space or backyard feature to exactly how they want. Choose everything from the design layout to the color, texture, stone profile and location. Your landscape, home and outdoor living space will all seamlessly flow and connect.


Avoid being stuck with the hassle and headache that traditional methods will give you because ClifRock now makes adding an outdoor living space to your backyard simple. ClifRock has proven to be vastly more cost-effective, trusting and dependable than any other traditional method and material. Contact us today to learn more and see how we can revitalize the entertainment of your backyard gatherings in as little as a week or less.

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