ClifRock’s Custom Built Fire Pits Over Prefabricated Fire Pits

October 5, 2017

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Fire pits have drastically become more and more popular over the past few years. Many backyards across America have a fire pit now because of the many benefits that come with these beautiful backyard features. But if you’re heading down to your local retailer and purchasing any prefabricated fire pit, you will be burning your money rather than logs.

Purchasing prefabricated fire pits from retail stores always comes with a headache. It can take up to weeks for your fire pit to arrive so you have to plan far ahead of time if you have any upcoming events that you were hoping you could enjoy around a fire. And, be prepared to endure this long wait again in several years because the quality of fire pits sold in retail stores are more often than not, poor and won’t last long. Many of these fire pits found in retail stores are made with cheap and unreliable materials from China. Retail stores also only have a limited amount of space, which means they can only display so many fire pits. You and everyone in your local community will have the same pick from a small selection, which means your fire pit is most likely going to be the same as your neighbor’s down the street. They also look like an add-on to your outdoor living space because you are restricted to few design options that most likely won’t match the rest of your entertainment area and landscape.

ClifRock offers an alternative to these retail fire pits and provides a solution for homeowners looking for a one of a kind focal piece that will last them for years to come. With ClifRock, customers are getting custom designed fire pits that meet their entertainment needs and seamlessly match the rest of their outdoor living space. Customers can select the color, shape, location, design and stone profile of their fire pit ensuring that their fire pit will be like no other. Even with all of these design options, your ClifRock fire pit can still be built in a matter of hours. Don’t wait weeks for your fire pit when we can install it in the same day!

The durability and quality of ClifRock’s fire features are also just as incredible as all of the design options. The engineered stone material we use to construct our backyard fire features and outdoor living spaces are high heat tolerant, built to handle the harsh outdoor elements and made of a zero flame spread material. Fire pits by ClifRock are built to last for endless years of entertainment no matter what environmental conditions you live in.

Every backyard needs a creative source of light for the best nighttime entertainment experience and fire pits are a great way to accomplish this. When deciding on where to purchase your fire pit, ClifRock is the safest and most trusting way to go over any prefabricated fire pit. Contact us by clicking here to locate your nearest ClifRock installer and have a custom designed fire pit in your backyard tomorrow!

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