How to Turn Your Pool into a Waterpark Oasis
It is a fact… swimming pools are fun and exciting for maybe the first year or two but then they get boring. Sure, you can add an outrageously expensive, natural boulder water feature to your poolside if you can find a hardscape company with the proper skill and craftsman ship for the job along with [...]
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How Strong Is Our Engineered Stone Material?
Whether you have 115 degree summers, subzero winters or live on the coast, ClifRock’s engineered stone material can take it on! Our fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material has been designed, tested and proven to be resistant to the harshest external elements and impacts that would easily damage your traditional, natural stone material. Because of our technology, [...]
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Meet Our Outdoor Kitchen Partner: Coyote Outdoor Living
Our customers’ satisfaction with our products and experience with us is what we evolve around as a company. Because of this, we proudly partner with only some of the best and most reliable outdoor living space affiliated companies in North America.   We have partnered with Coyote Outdoor Living, a reputable company that specializes in [...]
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ClifRock’s Engineered Stone Panel System Leads the way
ClifRock’s engineered stone and panel system are the reasons why we are the fastest growing outdoor kitchen network and the largest residential water feature builder network in North America. We have revolutionized the way outdoor kitchens, water features and even backyard fire features are built. Read below and discover the top 6 highlights of ClifRock’s panel [...]
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ClifRock’s Custom Built Fire Pits Over Prefabricated Fire Pits
Fire pits have drastically become more and more popular over the past few years. Many backyards across America have a fire pit now because of the many benefits that come with these beautiful backyard features. But if you’re heading down to your local retailer and purchasing any prefabricated fire pit, you will be burning your [...]
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Outdoor Kitchens That Pay for Themselves
Did you know that when you add an outdoor living space to your backyard, you are ultimately getting it for free? Outdoor living spaces have become exceptionally popular over the past few years and homebuyers are becoming much more attracted to homes with these unique entertainment areas. Choosing to add an outdoor kitchen or a [...]
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The Health Benefits from Having an Outdoor Living Space
Did you know spending more time outside in your outdoor living space can improve your overall mood and health? According to the article "A Prescription for Better Health: Go Alfresco" by Harvard Health Publications,“…the average American spends 90% of his or her life indoors, and as we get older we become even more inclined to not [...]
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Outdoor Living Spaces in Just Hours
Homeowners can now have their outdoor living space or any backyard feature, in a matter of hours to a week. It used to be unimaginable to have an outdoor living space created in a timely manner. It takes up to months to construct outdoor living spaces with traditional methods and materials and then an additional [...]
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