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Cook brick oven pizzas right in your own backyard

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Make gourmet pizzas & more with a built-in outdoor pizza oven

ClifRock has now made it possible to turn any outdoor living space into a pizzeria. Built-in outdoor pizza ovens are one of the most festive and entertaining backyard features! Get creative and bake pizzas, chicken, or even fresh vegetables in your pizza oven for the most perfect, delicious meals. You will never want to cook with your regular oven again after you taste what comes out of your very own built-in outdoor pizza oven. ClifRock's engineered stone panel system can incorporate almost any type of outdoor pizza oven available on the market today. Our masonry alternative makes for some of the world’s best outdoor living spaces, which is only one of many reasons why you should consider ClifRock for building your outdoor kitchen and built-in outdoor pizza oven. This masonry alternative panel system makes it possible for you to design your outdoor pizza oven to exactly how you want it from the stone profile to the location and colors. It is important that your outdoor living area matches you and your entertainment needs, but it is also important to us that you have the best quality backyard features. Our panel material is made of fiber-reinforced concrete for superior performance, strength and lasting durability. And, ClifRock's engineered stone panels have been tested and guaranteed to perform under high temperatures. We can ensure you that with our engineered stone you will have a high-end, custom outdoor pizza oven for countless years of use. Add some extra mozzarella to your pizza while you add some extra excitement to your backyard entertainment! Contact ClifRock here and get a free quote on your built-in outdoor pizza oven.

Our engineered stone replicates the look and feel of its natural counterpart without the high cost of traditional masonry.

Our panels are fire resistant and extreme high heat tolerant making it the ideal choice for building your outdoor pizza oven.

Using our proprietary engineered stone panel system, we are able to build around almost any outdoor pizza oven on the market.


  • River rock
  • Dry stack
  • Cliff stone
  • Rustic wood


  • High strength
  • Fast, on-site installation
  • Weather resistant
  • Durability
  • High heat resistant

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