Unique Benefits of Custom, Engineered Stone Water Slides

March 28, 2018

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Anyone can stick a water slide onto a pool but picking just any water slide can actually do more harm than good. Depending on the design layout of the water slide, they can get boring very quickly and sometimes may even visually tarnish the rest of your pool and beautiful landscape. ClifRock’s water slides are a unique alternative to the typical water slide and offer countless benefits.

First, ClifRock’s water slides are custom designed and can be designed to be as wild and adventures as the pool owner desires. ClifRock’s custom water slides never get boring and offer endless years of backyard entertainment for all ages. Most water slides tend to come in one standard straight slope with maybe a slight curve but when you can custom design your water slide, you can add curves, tunnels and slopes wherever you would like! And, you can even build the water slide into any pool water feature such as a pool grotto, cave or waterfall.

If you are going to invest money into your swimming pool, it is important that you will get the biggest bang for your buck. Depending on your climate and usage, most generic water slides tend to only last several years before the wear and tear begins to take a toll on the slide. Having a water slide made from an engineered stone material like ClifRock’s, ensures longevity of the slide. A water slide made from a stone material is guaranteed to withstand any climate conditions and never needs to be replaced or require any touch-ups.

Third, a water slide made from an engineered stone material offers a unique, rustic look that enhances not only the appeal of any swimming pool but also the entire surrounding landscape. And, anything that enhances a landscape certainly increases the value of the entire home as a whole.

Water slides made from an engineered stone material offer more excitement, hold a long life span, increase the value of a home and create a waterpark-like atmosphere. To learn more about how you can custom design your own water slide with ClifRock’s engineered stone material, click here. A swimming pool is not reaching its full potential without a custom water slide!

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