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Customize your BBQ island with ClifRock

ClifRock knows everyone has their own unique cooking style and preferences, so we make it easy for our homeowners to customize their own BBQ island with their choice of built-in grills, smokers, side burners, pizza ovens and much more. In addition, with ClifRock, you can be the designer and hand pick the stone profile, color, dimensions, and location of your outdoor BBQ island area. We also have a variety of standard island designs such as: L-shaped, U-shaped, straight and galley style (click here to download) our outdoor kitchen island book of designs). With our panel construction system, no footing is needed, so you can place your BBQ island space on any hard surface like your patio or deck. When you work with ClifRock, we can promise that your new outdoor living space and BBQ island will exceed your expectations. Contact ClifRock today and begin designing your BBQ island with your local authorized ClifRock installer. ClifRock’s engineered stone panel system is an advanced material that provides a low-cost alternative to block and stone masonry while maintaining the same look and feel as real stone. ClifRock's fiber-reinforced, polymeric concrete material is engineered for the outdoor environment, making it resistant to the elements, abrasion and rot. Compared to traditional materials, ClifRock's engineered stone is made to last three times longer and be six times stronger than conventional concrete. Contact ClifRock today and let's begin creating your own custom BBQ island masterpiece!

Increase the value of your home by adding an outdoor living space and at resale receive 100-200% of the investment back.

ClifRock’s engineered stone is freeze-thaw stable and resistant to abrasion and blunt impacts, meaning your kitchen will hold up for the long term.

Your BBQ island can be built over any hard surface, expanding your options of where you can place it.


  • Any design
  • U-shaped, L-shaped, Straight and Custom
  • Raised bar tops
  • Multitude of built-in options


  • No frame or footer
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Efficient install and less property disruption
  • Affordable alternative to stone
  • Engineered for outdoor environment

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