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Dramatically enhance your outdoor living space with a backyard waterfall

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Backyard Waterfalls: Transform Your Backyard Living Space into Your Own Paradise

What is more soothing than the sound of cascading water from a backyard waterfall? With ClifRock's boulder panel system, we create some of the most beautiful backyard waterfalls in less than a few days. Our proprietary boulder construction system allows you to design your backyard waterfall exactly to how you envision it. We can build boulders at any shape and size that your project calls for and in any color or texture that you choose. And, ClifRock’s boulder panel system is an exact replica of natural boulders, depressed directly from natural ledges, real stones and cliffs so your landscape water feature will look 100% natural but without the weight or limitations that natural boulders have. A factory authorized ClifRock expert will be there to help you in the process of designing your backyard waterfall. We stand behind the structural durability of our panel system and work hand-in-hand with you to ensure the highest quality final product and best experience. As a result of our engineered stone panels, we can create the most durable boulders. Our boulders have a flexural and compressive strength 3 times that of wet cast concrete. Along with having an outstanding durability, our backyard waterfall boulders are also resistant to the harshest outdoor elements. The ClifRock boulder panel system does not take months to install backyard waterfalls or any other landscape water features like traditional methods and materials do. With ClifRock’s boulder panel system we get most projects completed in under a week. Also, our on-site installation does not require any heavy equipment so we can create any backyard waterfall design with little to no disruption to your property. And best of all, due to our lighter weight material, we can create your scenic backyard waterfall without the need for a heavy-duty footer, making the process quicker and more affordable. Contact ClifRock and transform your backyard with the most experienced network of backyard waterfall builders in the North America.

Relaxing outside will increase your vitamin D level, which improves your mood, concentration, and the immune system.

ClifRock’s makes it possible for backyards to have a water feature with any size and shaped boulders in as little as a week.

You can design your dream custom backyard waterfall from the size to the cascades and fall points, textures and location of the boulders.


  • Choose the ideal location
  • Select a design style
  • Choose your style boulders
  • And then…enjoy!


  • A standout features that adds value to your home
  • Increases the ambiance and environment in your backyard
  • Creates a soothing atmosphere

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