Avoid the Winter Blues & Plan Your Swimming Pool Upgrade

December 12, 2017

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Winter can be harsh and we aren’t getting our daily dose of Vitamin D but ClifRock has an exciting project for you to help you avoid the winter doldrums. What is the project? Designing your dream backyard water paradise for the summer of 2018 and all of the summers to follow.

As cliche as it is to say “If you can dream it, we can build it,” it is true with ClifRock. You can fully and completely customize every detail of your poolside water feature. There are endless possibilities and no traditional method and material surpass ClifRock’s engineered stone and boulder panel system.

Pool Water Feature Customization Options


Water feature: You can select your favorite pool water feature or a combination of features. We offer pool grottos, caves, waterslides, diving rocks, waterfalls and more!


Location: ClifRock’s engineered stone material is significantly lighter than a real boulder. Because of this, almost every poolside in North America can withstand a ClifRock pool water feature. You can select exactly where on your pool’s edge you want your private getaway oasis.


Color: We offer an array of colors that you can choose from so that you can make your pool water feature match the rest of your outdoor living space and landscape perfectly.


Texture: Our boulders are made from our proprietary engineered stone material and are artistically crafted by authorized and factory vetted ClifRock installers allowing you to personally control the texture of the rocks and boulder environments.


Size: our unique boulder panel technology and engineered stone allows us to create boulders at any shape and size. And, we craft our boulders on-site allowing us to construct and fit your boulder water feature into small and uniquely shaped spaces.


Add-ons: There are many features that can be added on to your selected pool water feature such as love seats, benches, fall points, custom waterslides and more. Based on your water feature selection, your local ClifRock installer will be more than happy to discuss all the possible add-on options so that you can get exactly what you have envisioned.

As the water freezes over and the nights rolls in early, grab a hot chocolate and visit ClifRock’s pool water feature page here to begin designing your waterpark for the kids and paradise island for the adults. You won’t be experiencing any winter blues this year!

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