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Turn your backyard into an entertainment space and conversation area with a backyard water features, an outdoor kitchen, or a custom fire feature

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Change how you see your backyard

ClifRock believes everyone should be able to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle. Our engineered stone panel system makes it possible for any homeowner to transform their backyards into an outdoor living space. Take advantage of your backyard and go al fresco! In as little as a few days we can completely transform your backyard. Adding an outdoor living space not only increases the overall appearance and entertainment of the home, but it also adds extreme value to your home. Whether it is a an outdoor kitchen addition, a soothing patio water feature, a simple shade structure or an elaborate pool grotto water feature, ClifRock can do it! Contact ClifRock today and start designing your new outdoor living space.

The Outdoor Room

More and more homeowners are turning to their backyards to add livable square footage and entertainment space. If you enjoy entertaining at your home or desire a quiet place to retreat with your family on the weekend, an outdoor room is for you. The outdoor room has been named the most popular special function room by the American Institute of Architects for the last 5 years. Whether you are considering an outdoor kitchen or planning a charming outdoor fireplace with lounge seating, ClifRock can help make your outdoor room dreams a reality! Contact ClifRock today for a free quote and assistance with planning your new, custom outdoor living space.

Design your outdoor living space in 4 easy steps

Determine Your Budget

When beginning the design process of your outdoor living space, the first step is to determine a budget for your space. A ClifRock installer expert can customize your outdoor living space to meet all of your entertainment needs while staying within your budget. Our boulder panel system and panel masonry technology allows us to build elaborate outdoor living spaces that would be much more expensive with traditional methods and materials so you don’t have to compromise your desires or added benefits due to cost.

Choose your outdoor living space & location

The second step is to decide what kind of outdoor living space and added features you want in your space. ClifRock provides outdoor kitchens, backyard waterfalls, grottos, swimming pool water features, custom fire pits and outdoor fireplaces. No footing is needed for any of our backyard features allowing you to place your outdoor living space on any hard surface. We can also build over existing hardscape features. So, you can select the perfect spot for your outdoor living space.

Customize the design

Our boulder panel system and panel masonry technology allows you to decide the shapes, colors, sizes, textures, and stone profiles for you backyard features. Determine what style and colors would best match your style, home, and the rest of your landscape.

Contact your local authorized ClifRock installer

Now it is time to contact your local ClifRock installer for a free quote and any assistance you may need for your design! All of our authorized ClifRock installers are one of the most skilled and trusted professionals to take on your backyard project. We guarantee you will get the outdoor living space of your dreams customized to you and at an attainable price point.

How will you transform your backyard?

Plan Your Space

Design your space in 4 easy steps!

Start Designing