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With our panel masonry technology, we are changing the way outdoor kitchens are built. Our engineered stone panels make it possible for our customers to have the outdoor kitchens of their dreams with any built-in appliance and cooking features they want in just a few days or less. You can choose the design, colors, and stone profile of your outdoor kitchen to fit the rest of your landscape and your home perfectly. Our engineered stone panels don’t require any heavy duty footing either, so you can place your outdoor kitchen on any hard surface. And, never have to deal with the burden of replacing or repairing your outdoor kitchen-BBQ island or countertop because our engineered stone material is resistant to weathering, high heat, deep-freezing, abrasion, chipping, and scratching while also being freeze-thaw stable. Contact ClifRock today to begin planning your ultimate outdoor kitchen and we will give you design help or a free quote! We guarantee you will have an outdoor kitchen that meets all of your desires and stays within your budget.

Standard Kitchen Layouts

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the most popular home additions due to their entertainment value, high return on investment, and the beauty it adds to properties. When thinking about the design of your outdoor kitchen, you want to consider the size of your patio, deck or space where your outdoor kitchen will be located. It is important to make sure that the outdoor kitchen footprint is proportional to your space so that there is enough room to walk around and congregate. The four most common outdoor kitchen configurations are: galley, straight (S-Series), L-shape (L-Series), and U-shape (U-Series).

Straight (S-Series)

Straight outdoor grill stations or BBQ islands are perfect for small spaces and can be built on the perimeter of your patio or along an existing exterior wall

L-shape (L-Series)

Our L-shape outdoor kitchen and bar islands work well in medium size spaces and can be placed on the perimeter of a patio.

U-shape (U-Series)

The U-shape also offers convenience by having the ability to add multiple built-in appliances, utilities, and components all in one place.

Galley Layout

The design layout of a galley kitchen typically consists of a BBQ island and a refreshment center running parallel to each other with a walkway in between.

Stone Profiles

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