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Top Water Slides Around the World
There are millions of water slides all around the world but there are only a few that really take the spotlight and some of those are right here in North America. BuzzFeed has gathered some of the most thrilling and jaw dropping slides that currently stand today across the county.       #1 The Wildebeest [...]
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Unique Benefits of Custom, Engineered Stone Water Slides
Anyone can stick a water slide onto a pool but picking just any water slide can actually do more harm than good. Depending on the design layout of the water slide, they can get boring very quickly and sometimes may even visually tarnish the rest of your pool and beautiful landscape. ClifRock’s water slides are [...]
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ClifRock Water Slides Are Made for Pool Grottos
Pool grottos are one of our most popular water features that homeowners add onto their poolside. The mystical caverns offer a tropical appearance and soothing atmosphere to any swimming pool and landscape. They make for one of the most relaxing spots in your entire landscape and home. But aside from being relaxing, grottos can also [...]
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Ponds Are the Must Have Landscape Water Feature
All landscape water features are beautiful and add a soothing atmosphere to any backyard even if it’s right in the middle of the city. Water features have a lot to offer to not only the homeowner or the gardener but also to the natural wildlife around it. They dramatically increase the appeal of the entire [...]
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Upgrading Your Backyard
If you have a home, you most likely have a backyard. With this backyard, you pay property taxes on it, you mow the grass every week and you work hard to maintain the lawn. If you put this much work and money into your lawn, why not take full advantage of it? Many homeowners let [...]
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Why People Get Pool Water Features
Pool water features are an incredible addition and really transforms the functionality, value, and excitement of any pool…but why? We have found that there are 3 main reasons why homeowners add grottos, caves and waterfalls to their swimming pool which are the sound, appeal and full spectrum enjoyment they offer. Pool water features offer a [...]
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What to Look for When Hiring an Outdoor Living Space Contractor
There is a lot to think about before making that official investment in upgrading your landscape with an outdoor living area and other backyard features. Although in the long run these investments can almost pay for themselves with the value they add to the home, they are still not cheap. And, if it is cheap…you [...]
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The 6 Easy Steps to Designing Your Outdoor kitchen
We are all different when it comes to our backyard BBQ’s and grilling styles which is why we don’t limit any of our clients to only 2 or 3 standard, generic outdoor kitchen style options like traditional methods. The beauty of ClifRock and our concept lets our clients select their outdoor kitchen shape, color, stone [...]
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Outdoor Kitchens: Eat Better, Live Better
No matter what the climate is or where you are located, it is always grilling weather. From hamburgers to sausages and steaks, we can all agree that nothing makes meat more delicious than when it is grilled right at home with your secret, signature seasonings. But grilling, isn’t just a fun side-hobby and it isn’t [...]
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Underground or Above ground Swimming Pools
You have decided that a swimming pool for the family would make a great addition to your backyard but now it is time to decide if you want an underground (also known as an inground pool) or an above ground swimming pool. Here at ClifRock, our favorite type is an inground pool. Why? They offer [...]
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